Busy Moms Benefit from Cheer ‘Em On Sports Guide

Phoenix, AZ – November 2008

Boutique publisher C-Squared Ltd. announces the release of the Cheer ‘Em On Sports Guide, a handbook designed for busy sports moms who want to learn more about the games their kids are playing. The guide includes fundamentals for six team sports–baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling. In addition, the book’s structure performs double duty as a reference guide for easy lookup of terms.

The Cheer ‘Em On Sports Guide fills the information gap for time-challenged moms who support their children’s interest in sports. It takes less than 30 minutes to read each sport section that includes a brief introduction, rules, advanced strategies, and terms. Moms will benefit from the Cheer ‘Em On Sports Guide with a better knowledge of sports basics so they can encourage their kids participating in sporting events. 

Carol Cavanaugh, who co-authored the book with her son, Clay, stated, “We saw a need for sports moms to have a quick and easy guide that explains the games their children are playing without the bulk of a 300-page manual. This book is a take-anywhere reference written in a conversational style that contains interesting sports facts and fun trivia.”

For more information on the Cheer ‘Em On Sports Guide and a downloadable excerpt, please visit the book’s official Web site at www.cheeremonsports.com. The book is available at Amazon.com.