Mother-Son Writing Team Try to Improve Your Love Life Through Sports

SURPRISE, AZ—Have you got a sports-addicted boyfriend or husband? There’s no shortage of them around, but a new book written by a mother and son team aims to help out sports widows, and it may not be in the way you’d expect.

Their book, the Cheer ‘Em On Sports Guide, doesn’t focus on fixing his sports addiction, but rather on making you a sports fan too.

“Girls and women can absolutely love sports. The problem is that it usually isn’t explained in a compelling and understandable way to most of us,” says Carol Cavanaugh, mother and co-writer of the book. “Contrary to some people’s beliefs, most women do appreciate competition. We just don’t want to deal with the complicated way most guys try to explain the games to us,” she continues. “They already know the games so well that it’s hard for them to understand where we’re coming from when we are just starting out.”

The pair set out to write a sports book for girls and women that goes beyond just keeping relationship peace, but that actually improves relationships by creating a mutual appreciation for sports.

“Of course there will always be a group of guys who will just tune out the whole world for the entire weekend watching sports,” says Clay. “But most guys are happiest when they can watch a game or two and enjoy the company of their girlfriend or wife at the same time. The two things a lot of guys like most don’t have to exist in separate worlds,” he says.

The two say that the last thing they want is for girls and women to change who they are just to please their significant others. Rather, they maintain that learning about sports has the potential to open girls and women up to something they otherwise may not have ever realized they actually enjoyed.

Cheer ‘Em On lays out the rules, terminology, and basic strategies of six sports, football, basketball, and baseball among them. The writers emphasize that each of the six sports’ explanations can be read in under 30 minutes and that the glossary is set up as an easy reference for readers to use while they watch their first couple of games.

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