"All the years that I've watched sports, I guess I never realized all the thought and strategies that go into each game. This book gave me a whole new respect for how everything works."

-Marye Jo S.
Sports mom


Moms & Grandmas

For moms and grandmas, there's no easier, quicker way than the "Cheer 'Em On Sports Guide" to get up to speed on all the sports kids love to play!

Ball diamond imageKids may not always be able to say it, but it means a lot when you're there supporting them at their games. It means even more when you're able to give specific praise and encouragement whenever they make great plays. "Cheer 'Em On" teaches you about the sports they love so you know exactly what's happening in the game and can tell them how great they're doing.

Score with the sideline community

An extra benefit of knowing the ins and outs of the sport you're cheering is that it connects you with the sideline community. Before long, you'll probably find that you're seen as the "resident expert" on the game's rules and terminology. People will start coming to you asking, "What happened in that last play? I didn't get it."

Sprint to your goal

You can learn all the sports info you need in no time flat because "Cheer 'Em On" was made with your busy schedule in mind. Each sport can be learned in less than 30 minutes, so that you can get in, get what you need, and get out there to cheer on your favorite little sports star!

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