"...a very informative and resourceful book for people who have little knowledge about sports. It helped me better understand the strategies used and the names for them."

-Joyce M.
Wife of
basketball fanatic



Whether your boyfriend is a sports maniac who spends his weekends watching sports all day, or he's an athlete who plays on a team himself, the "Cheer 'Em On Sports Guide" is for you!

Sports heart image"Cheer 'Em On" was designed so that you can learn about baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling in less than 30 minutes per sport. But your boyfriend doesn't have to know how little time you spent. He'll be totally impressed that you care so much about what he's interested in that you learned all about the sport(s) he loves, and he'll appreciate you even more! Who knows, learning about sports may even make your relationship better than ever!

Bonus points

Your relationship won't be the only thing to benefit. Many "Cheer 'Em On" readers have found that they've actually started enjoying the time they spend watching sports. After reading "Cheer 'Em On", you won't dread "wasting your time" watching the game. Instead, you'll look forward to the games and cheer right along with your boyfriend!

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