Welcome to our eBooks area! As a gift to our readers and fellow female sports fans, we've put together some eBooks we thought complement the "Cheer 'Em On Sports Guide" and might add some enjoyment to gametime! Check back from time to time as we'll be updating and adding to the collection regularly.


20 Tasty Touchdown Treats for Big Game Day

With the Superbowl just around the corner, we thought it'd be the perfect time to put up our "20 Tasty Touchdown Treats for Big Game Day" recipe guide. It's divided into five groups of fun & easy culinary concoctions:

Instructions to save the eBook on your computer:

1) Right-click on this link or on the title in the paragraph above
2) Choose "Save as..." and save the file to a convenient folder on your hard drive
3) Open up the file in Acrobat Reader and see the recipes

You can also print the recipes in 3"x5" format and cut them out to fit in your recipe drawer. To do that and minimize wasted paper, we recommend following these instructions in Acrobat Reader:

1) Click the printer icon or go to File -> Print...
2) In the dialog box, look to the section called "Page Handling" (that'll be in blue letters)
3) Change the "Page Scaling" option to "Multiple pages per sheet"
4) Change "Pages per sheet" to "4"
5) Put a check mark in the "Auto-Rotate Pages" box
6) Click "OK" to print!