"I like how it discusses the history of the sport and then develops into a thorough explanation of the rules, structure of the game, positions, and strategies."

-Joyce M.
Wife of
basketball fanatic

"It breaks down the objectives, rules, and terms in a way that is easy to follow and understand."

-Ashley J.
Former cheerleader


One-of-a-Kind Approach

Learn all the most important rules, strategies, and terms needed to understand six of the most popular sports around!

"Cheer 'Em On" has been designed from the ground up to help you achieve three goals:

  • learn all the crazy terms that are important to each sport
  • quickly gain a solid understanding of the rules
  • find out why certain things happen in the game by knowing the basic strategies of each sport

To accomplish these goals, this user-friendly book is organized as both a quick start guide and a reference book.

How it works

Pretend that you're interested in learning about football. First, you grab "Cheer 'Em On" and give the Football section a quick read-through, which only takes about 30 minutes. You'll quickly get a grasp of the strategies and rules and learn most of the terms right away since they're presented in context and explained in real English!

Next, you'll head out to a local game or, if it's Saturday, flip the TV to your college alma mater's game! Keeping "Cheer 'Em On" close by, any time you hear a new word or phrase, just flip to the book's football glossary and look it up. Next thing you know, you won't even be using the guide–you’ll have it all down pat!

Still curious? Check out an excerpt here!

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