I am a...


I love cheerleading and think that the better I understand the sports I cheer for, the better cheerleader I’ll be!

If I know the sport’s terms, I’ll be able to make more creative & fun cheers for the team!

I also want to be able to talk to the players and encourage them by speaking in their terms!

For cheerleaders


My boyfriend is a sports fanatic who watches sports all the time. I want to enjoy our time together more by learning to love the sports that he can’t get enough of!


My boyfriend plays on the team, and I love to watch him during the games. But I think I’d enjoy it even more if I knew the ins & outs of the game he plays!

For girlfriends

Mom or Grandma

I love to go to the kids’ games and cheer them on!

I would like to learn the rules of their sports so that I can encourage them and their teammates whenever they make great plays!

I also want to be knowledgeable enough to join in conversations and make friends with fellow sideline supporters!

For moms and grandmas

Are you a "none of the above"? If so, see how the "Cheer 'Em on Sports Guide" works and find an excerpt from the book.